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  • Nanophononics: State of the art and perspectives
    Volz S., Ordonez-Miranda J., Shchepetov A., Prunnila M., Ahopelto J., Pezeril T., Vaudel G., Gusev V., Ruello P., Weig E.M., Schubert M., Hettich M., Grossman M., Dekorsy T., Alzina F., Graczykowski B., Chavez-Angel E., Sebastian Reparaz J., Wagner M.R., Sotomayor-Torres C.M., Xiong S., Neogi S., Donadio D. European Physical Journal B; 89 (1, 15) 2016. 10.1140/epjb/e2015-60727-7.


  • Electrical properties and strain distribution of Ge suspended structures
    Shah V.A., Rhead S.D., Finch J., Myronov M., Reparaz J.S., Morris R.J., Wilson N.R., Kachkanov V., Dolbnya I.P., Halpin J.E., Patchett D., Allred P., Colston G., Sawhney K.J.S., Sotomayor Torres C.M., Leadley D.R. Solid-State Electronics; 108: 13 - 18. 2015. 10.1016/j.sse.2014.12.004.


  • High quality single crystal Ge nano-membranes for opto-electronic integrated circuitry
    Shah, V.A.; Rhead, S.D.; Halpin, J.E.; Trushkevych, O.; Chavez-Angel, E.; Shchepetov, A.; Kachkanov, V.; Wilson, N.R.; Myronov, M.; Reparaz, J.S.; Edwards, R.S.; Wagner, M.R.; Alzina, F.; Dolbnya, I.P.; Patchett, D.H.; Allred, P.S.; Prest, M.J.; Gammon, P.M.; Prunnila, M.; Whall, T.E.; Parker, E.H.C.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.; Leadley, D.R. Journal of Applied Physics; 2014. 10.1063/1.4870807.
  • Tensile strain mapping in flat germanium membranes
    Rhead, S.D.; Halpin, J.E.; Shah, V.A.; Myronov, M.; Patchett, D.H.; Allred, P.S.; Kachkanov, V.; Dolbnya, I.P.; Reparaz, J.S.; Wilson, N.R.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.; Leadley, D.R. Applied Physics Letters; 2014. 10.1063/1.4874836.


  • Anisotropic 18O tracer diffusion in epitaxial films of GdBaCo2O5+δ cathode material with different orientations
    Zapata, J.; Burriel, M.; García, P.; Kilner, J.A.; Santiso, J. Journal of Materials Chemistry A; 1: 7408 - 7414. 2013. 10.1039/c3ta10749c.
  • Chemical strain kinetics induced by oxygen surface exchange in epitaxial films explored by time-resolved X-ray diffraction
    Moreno, R.; García, P.; Zapata, J.; Roqueta, J.; Chaigneau, J.; Santiso, J. Chemistry of Materials; 25: 3640 - 3647. 2013. 10.1021/cm401714d.





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