Phonons for energy 

What we do



  • Engineer the interaction of phonons and photons to harvest energy and develop sustainable thermal management solutions.

  • Reduce the current high energy footprint of modern thermoregulation technologies

  • Develop new passive thermoregulation systems using non-toxic materials

Concepts :


  • Radiative cooling

  • IR thermal radiation

  • Hybrid system (i.e radiative cooling with geotermal thermolectrics and solar photovoltaics

  • Passive thermal management

  • Control of light-matter interactions at infrared frequencies

  • Surface Phonon Polaritons to harvest radiative heat transfer

  • Novel sustainable energy technologies.

Radiative cooling

Thermal Methods

  • Continous temperature measurements 

  • Net coolign power characterization

  • FTIR, UV-VIS spectroscopy

  • Raman thermometry, thermoreflectance


  • Nanoimprint lithography

  • Self-assembly​


Our Team

Dr. Juliana Jaramillo


Dr. Pedro David 


Prof. Dr. Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres

Dr. Emigdio


Former members

Dr. Guy


Dr. Nikolaos


Oriol Perez and

Andres Pinar

Maria Celia Lucana

Cristian Jorba



  • Prof. David Astrain at University of Navarra (Spain) – Geothermal thermoelectric generators with radiative cooling. Link

  • Prof. Cefe Lopez at Instituto de la Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (Spain) – Self-assembled photonic crystals. link

  • Prof. Silvia Vignolini at University of Cambridge (UK) – Structured cellulose for radiative cooling link



  • Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions COFUND

  • MINECO - Surface- and interface- reshaped phonon propagation and phonon coupling to photons (SIP) - RTI2018-093921-A-C44



  • Collider Tech award

  • Best (female) postdoc paper ICN2 (Juliana Jaramillo)