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Post-doctoral position (08/2022)

Topological hybrid systems
In January 2019 we started a 5-year EU FET-Proactive project on Topological matter in collaboration with the group of Quantum Photonics at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and groups working on electronic topological insulators such as the Physics and Engineering of Nanodevices group at ICN2 and the group of Topological Insulators at Würzburg University. Our main goal is to gain a radically new fundamental knowledge of the interactions and correlations between topological excitations (photons, phonons and electrons) in hybrid topological systems for efficient transfer and manipulation of classical and quantum information by a suitable combination of specific materials and structures, e.g. topological insulators and photonic crystals, and by designing device-like structures that host more than one topological quasiparticle 

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